Dr Donna Chen

Dr. Donna Chen (B.DSc)

This is a typical conversation whenever people ask me where I come from. I often answer with great amusement because the flow of questions never changes despite the number of years I have spent answering them.“I’ve lived in Tamworth since 2008 and my children grew up here”

“No. Where do you come from?”

“I’m a Kiwi. I spent my schooling years in NZ and I trained as a dentist in NZ, at the University of Otago. I call NZ home. But I married an Australian. So I live in Tamworth now, with my family”

“No… WHERE do you come from?”

“Oh… you mean my birth place..”

I took my children to NZ in 2017. When the plane approached the runway in Auckland, I felt this overwhelming warmth and comfort as I whispered the word “Home”. On our return trip, my youngest said with a huge sigh and large smile “HOME!” as the plane landed along the runway at Tamworth Airport. In that moment I realized the significance of Tamworth in my children’s lives, and I understood that Tamworth will be our home for an indefinite time. Oh heck, they probably will want me to retire in Tamworth so they can bring their children for the holidays and experience “HOME”!

So, Tamworth, you’re going to have to accept me as one of your own one of these days, months, or years! Someone once told me “You are not local until you have been here for 30 years”. Hopefully you will expedite the process for me.

For 25 years I have enjoyed bringing happiness to people’s smiles, helping people let go of their fears, and building confidence to accept periodic dental procedures. I am passionate about preventative dental care, improving smiles, restoring space and function, and motivating people to maintaining their dentition, prostheses, and function for long term.

Dentistry is forever developing. I am committed to continued learning and expanding my skills using the latest digital technology to bring more assurance and predictability to our work.

In my spare time, the six children keep me very busy and on my toes. I love cooking and spending time with my toy poodles. There is nothing better than cuddling my little fur babies after a long day’s work. And the secret to keeping me sane after each school holidays with the children….

It is back to work with the supportive team at Marius Street Family Dental ????