Routine Extractions

What to expect during a routine extraction appointment

1.  We will do an examination and get any further information, such as taking an xray and doing nerve tests. If there are options other than to remove it, we will discuss these with you.

Before we go further, we will also talk with you about your options after the procedure

– if you want to just leave the gap or if you want to replace the tooth, as this can affect how and when we take the tooth out.

2. We will ask you about your medical history. You must let us know about every medication or supplement you are taking even if you have purchased it from over the counter, so we can plan for complications or change our course of action. Even seemingly insignificant things such as St Johns Wart or ginko supplements can make a difference to how your body reacts.


Call us beforehand if you are on Warfarin or blood thinners, or require antibiotic prophylaxis (strong dose of antibiotics before dental treatment due to heart condition, transplant or increased risk of infective endocarditis)

3. We put it all together: we consider the urgency of extraction (if you’re in pain or if there is infection risk), the difficulty of the extraction, your medical history and your level of anxiety. We will let you know exactly what we will do.

Note: we do offer sedation if you require it, so let us know if you want us to discuss this option.

4. We place a numbing gel first, then get that tooth really numbed up.

5. Placing lots of pressure on that tooth! Contrary to belief, no pulling is ever done. It is important that you know that feeling lots of pressure is completely normal. However, you should never feel any sharpness or pain.

6. Once the tooth is out, we get you to bite on some gauze to create pressure and help form the blood clot.