Your Family Dentist in Tamworth

We do more than just look at your children's teeth. We make your children's dental visit fun.

Dr. Rebecca Deng

Questions to ask yourself about your child:

  • Is your child snoring?
  • Does your child breathe through their mouth?
  • Are their lips usually open, do they sleep with their mouth open?
  • Does your child still suck their thumb?

Common questions about childrens' dentistry:

  • Why do children get tooth decay faster than adults?
  • When should I bring my child in for their first dental checkup?
  • What happens during a dental check-up for a child?
  • Why are baby teeth so important?

Meet Superman (Andrew Blake) who makes dentistry fun and interesting

A lot of people think that doing a dental examination for a child is much easier than to examine an adult - after all, they only have 20 teeth. However, learning how to guide your child's development so that they have beautiful facial development and smile as they grow is not as simple as you might think. You should take into account thumb sucking, breathing, swallowing habits, vertical as well as horizontal growth. Dr Min Stephenson (Deng) has done a lot of post-graduation studies on these topics. She still thinks that there is a life-time of study to do.

Min and the Marius street fmaily dental team are here to help you decide when to simply monitor their growth and when to intervene and take action.

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    Develop a positive attitude towards regular dental visits from a young age. Making going to the dentist fun, comfortable and familiar is the best way to set them up for good dental health for life.
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    Dental Photo Album! Each child can choose to have a dental photo album made for them. Each visit with us, we take a photo and add it in so you can keep these memories for life. Underneath we write down what was done that day and the date so you can keep on top of their dental care plan. There is also space for colouring in and stickers so they will have lots of fun in the patient lounge decorating it!
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    We not only look at your teeth but more than that, we look at the development of the face as a whole to guide your children into a more beautiful smile and facial profile. This extends from our philosophy of life-time care and preventing problems.
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    More than dental: we look at any abnormal functions such as breathing through the mouth. Give your child a more healthy future. We are Tamworth's only myofunctional training centre
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    We all know forming good habits whilst young is very important, and dental care is no different. Getting your child to grow up taking pride and responsibility for their oral health is the key to long term health.
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    HCF 'More for Teeth' provider: You get gap free x-rays, and one or two check-ups plus cleans each year
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    No gap payment for Medicare's Child Dental Benefit Scheme: $1000 of dental support for those eligible.

Special clinic designed just for children

Coming in March 2018!

We are renovating our practice and dedicating a whole area, plus clinic rooms to seeing only children. We also are going to have a special children's team! We want to get away from the 'hospital feel' of a clinic as much as possible so these areas are much more fun and colourful. In these areas we will have Ipads for the children to do their myofunctional training on, toys to play with, a colouring and sticker station for them to decorate their Dental Photo Album at.

Make sure you keep an eye out for its launch date and pop-in to have a look!

"We believe that ideal development of the face and jaws is dependent on correct 'oral posture'. Correct posture should be with the tongue resting against the palate, with the lips sealed and the teeth in or near contact. We are committed to improving unattractive faces and crowded teeth by guiding the growth of the jaws horizontally while the patient is young, by means of appliances, supported by postural training of the tongue, lips and cheeks"