Dental Image Gallery

Dental Image Gallery

Dr Min Stephenson (Deng) believes in serving the Tamworth community first. We do not aim to improve smiles only, but also to keep your teeth and chewing function for life.

We believe “do it once, do it well”, so we practice high quality dental care. At the same time, it is dental care tailored to your budget, your needs and what you want. We believe dental care can be affordable for everyone. With intensive study, training and most importantly, a passion for dentistry, we can perform complicated cases completely within our clinic to save you multiple consultations with different specialists. You get a specialist job at a fraction of the cost. Everything is done under one roof to give your peace of mind.

All of the following treatments were done at Marius St Family Dental for everyday people. Notice there are a lot of men who just want to fix their worn down teeth without specifically asking to improve their smile, but it goes hand in hand.  Thank you to all of our wonderful patients who have supported us over the years and who allow us to use their photos to assist others in achieving their goals. 

The total cost came to only $570 for both of the two central teeth. The patient walked in because his grandchildren kept asking, “Grandpa, why do you have grey teeth?”.  What a difference!!! He is so happy, now he wants the next tooth to be done too.

The total treatment was under $2,000. What a difference it makes!! This lady was unhappy with the shape and colour of her front teeth. We whitened her teeth and replaced her old discoloured fillings. It wasn’t a very fancy or costly treatment; however there is a huge improvement in her smile and confidence.

A simple cosmetic makeover for his wedding. Completed in a few months, costing less than $2,000.

Mr Meppem is 83 years old. He is the loveliest man Min has ever met. He makes the whole practice laugh with his jokes.. He makes us so relaxed and focused on the positive, fun parts of life. A few years ago, Mr Meppem  said to Min,  “Min, look at my teeth, there’s nothing left. Fix it.”   This is what we achieved in just ONE appointment!

Wow, one visit only. Total cost for that entire reconstruction was around $6,200. What do you think, worth it? Mr Meppem tells us with his family history, he is going to live past 100. So we worked together to give him great function and aesthetics that will last. This result is a build-up on his natural teeth, it is not a denture!

This gentleman was concerned about his chipped and worn teeth. We treated him with just simple but highly skilled placement of white fillings. We  combined this technique with aesthetic design and bite reconstruction to achieve this transformation. This was done in one visit with a total treatment cost of $4,684.   This case fits our philosophy to deliver a treatment that addresses the patient’s concerns, gives him confidence in his smile and without unnecessary extra costs.