Pregnancy and Oral Health

Pregnancy and Oral Health

Our understanding of the effects of oral hygiene and dentistry on pregnancy has come a long way.

Unfortunately though, this information has not been passed down to expecting mothers and often we talk to women that believe they cannot have dental work completed during pregnancy.

This is far from the truth - in fact, your oral health and oral hygiene become the most important when you are pregnant!

We can assist you with the following questions and more.

  • How and why does your oral health affect not only your childs risk of future decay but their overall wellbeing?
  • What medications can you take during pregnancy – what pain medications, numbing and antibiotics
  • Why do so many women say that “having a child destroyed my teeth”? The science behind this.
  • Food, drinks and fluoride – during pregnancy. Whats good, whats bad.
  • When is the best time to get dental treatment and what dental treatment can you receive? Can you have xrays and numbing?
  • Morning sickness and its effect on your teeth
  • How to reduce your childs risk of decay
  • What to check your baby for – tongue tie or lip abnormalities that prevent proper feeding and development
  • Breast vs bottle feeding, dummies, food, thumb sucking – what you should know.

We are also looking at doing some free information nights for expecting mothers/mothers with babies. Please fill out a contact form and express your interest if this is something that you would like us to set up. If you do have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us and we will email you back our advice - at no charge, of course.