Min’s Story

Min's Story - Porcelain Veneers

Dr Min grew up with tetracycline stained teeth from the antibiotics given to her as a child. 

When asked to smile, she would just smile slightly, so as to not show her teeth too much (see right). Plus her teeth were worn down so did not show as much even when she did a big smile.

First Photo. Before: Composite veneers that were done in China removed, showing her tetracycline stained teeth that have been worn down. 

The process

The importance of smile design. 

Right Picture: Temporary Veneers while we design the final ones! Note how they look very opaque, are too large for her smile and are very square and bulky!

Composite Veneers: Rough freehand build up with composite to design the shape and increased length. A model was taken of this and sent to the lab to assist in designing the porcelain veneers. Note how you can see through the composite as it is so thin, and the composite doesn't reflect light well.

The result.

After wanting this treatment for 25 years, Min has finally got a smile that she is proud of and doesn't have to hide. Still a work-in-progress though, as now we are going to work on the bottom and back teeth!

Final Veneers! Photo taken right after they were cemented so gums are a bit red. Very natural appearance with A2 colour being bright but not so white that they look unnatural. The porcelain blocks her stained teeth but still reflect light and let light in, so looks more natural.

Smile after veneers placed - she shows much more of her top teeth now, creating a more youthful look.