Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Overdentures

Are your dentures loose or uncomfortable? This is a major problem for many denture wearers, particularly on the lower jaw. Bottom dentures are horrible to wear - in fact, 50% of patients cant tolerate them.

The solution? More retention. We achieve this by using special implants designed to support dentures (MDI implants). These are much cheaper than your fixed standard implants - only $2400 per denture implant (xrays, consultations and dentures are separate).

The implant has a connection which clips into a special attachment in your denture and provides much more stability. This is particularly useful when you do not have any back teeth to support your denture, what we call a "free end" denture.

Denture implants are suitable for patients with full dentures (no teeth on one arch), or partial dentures (some remaining natural teeth, however not enough to hold the denture securely.

Come in to have a look at some models and discuss whether or not this is a suitable solution for you.


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    Bone maintenance (holds your bone there so it doesnt shrink away) improved chewing function
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    Reduced 'bulkyness' of your dentures - dont have to have such long sides/across your palate
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    Increased success and survival time of your denture
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    Less load on your natural teeth
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    Improved confidence and less anxiety about dentures failing at a social event