Is your denture loose and can’t chew

Are your dentures loose and  you cannot chew?

With advanced technology, you will be surprised what we can do. Marius St Family dental in Tamworth can not only deliver traditional dentures but also incorporates modern techniques to give your final “no false teeth” smile result.

If you are in the Tamworth region and wanting to discuss denture options, the first step is to call us to arrange an appointment to see what we can do to make, not just “another denture”. We can then offer you some advice and discuss costs.

If your dentures are loose or you cannot chew properly with your denture, then dental implants could be the answer.

You can use dental implants to completely replace your dentures or you can use dental implants to secure your dentures firmly in place and bring costs down dramatically.

The solution : Implant Supported Dentures.

Dr Min Stephenson (Deng) has used various implant types to secure dentures.

Dental implants will help your dentures stay in place and give your better chewing function. You feel your denture is more secure.

Most people who have lower full dentures will know how uncomfortable they are. So we offer an implant supported solution.

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