Choose us for peace of mind 

  • If you're in pain, we will see you today. That's our promise to you. We take your dental pain extremely seriously so we have set aside time each day just for emergencies.
  • We are here to stay! Marius Street Family Dental has been around for more that 70 years. You can rest assured that we will be around for many, many more years to come. That's why we focus on giving you a lifetime treatment plan rather than patching things up -- we intend to be there for you to maintain, check and follow through on your work.

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    Conveniently located in Tamworth CBD with onsite parking and wheelchair access
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    Extended opening hours. We have extended our normal 8am-6pm hours to 8:30pm on Thursdays. We are also open from 9am until 1pm on Saturdays for your convenience.
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    Dedicated preventative dental team of therapists and hygienists to give you individualised instruction on preventing caries and gum disease.
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    Nervous? We have happy gas and other options if needed to help you have a pleasant experience. Our friendly team will do all we can to make dentistry as comfortable as it possibly can be.
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    We offer implants, orthodontics, treatment of jaw joint pain, build up of worn down teeth, smile design
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    Dental clinics designed specifically for children
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    Myofunctional training centre for children's development (a natural way to straight your teeth) (myobrace and myofunctional therapy)
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    Bulk bill for DVA patients (Department of Veteran Affairs)
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    No gap payment for Medicare's Child Dental Benefit Scheme: $1000 of dental support for those eligible.
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    Bupa, HCF and Westfund providers, meaning you get the most out of your health fund claims.
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    Tamworth Implant Clinic offering single tooth, multiple tooth or full arch tooth replacement with implants
  • Our Philosophy
  • Convenience
  • Fees
  • Guarantee
  • Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting Edge Technology

· CBCT machine on-site for 3D x-rays

· Centrifuge for implant and dental surgery - we can use special factors from your own body to get faster and better healing. Hicaps machine on-site

· Intra-oral camera and professional extra-oral camera to take quality records of your dental journey

  • Digital x-rays which are much lower radiation exposure than traditional xrays:

We have replaced the old chemical-developed x-rays with the latest digital and phosphor plate xrays to reduce the radiation exposure to you. This also means that x-rays can be seen almost instantly, and can be emailed or printed.

§ Happy gas machine for extremely nervous patients or children

§ We keep up-to-date with new dental developments and are always attending further education to make sure that we are always improving our techniques, knowledge and machines.

§ Ipads for children interaction and myofunctional training

§ Hicaps machine to claim your health fund rebate onsite for your convenience

§ latest sterilisation equipment

We have replaced the old film developed xrays with the latest digital xrays and phosphor plates to reduce the radiation exposure to you. Radiographs are seen quicker reducing waiting time and can be emailed or printed if your other clinicians need to see them.

We only take xrays to assess your decay rate, for early prevention and diseases/conditions currently unseen by eye. Certain situations affect xray taking decisions, for example pregnancy, so please let your dentist know if you are pregnant.

We are a family practice 

Dr Min Stephenson, her daughter Dr Vera are extremely passionate about dentistry and love that we can work as a family. We have a great team around us and amazing patients. We hope you will feel as welcome and at home in our practice as we do in Tamworth. We understand that going to the dentist isn't always a nice thought, but we do try to take extra measures to do what we can to make it as comfortable and stress-free as it can be.

We combine multiple disciplines

Dr Min Stephenson has undergone extensive continuing professional development to gain an understanding of many specialty areas of dentistry.

This allows her to assess your facial muscles, posture, jaw joint, jaw development and more to give you the bigger picture. We combine specialty fields such as orthodontics, implants, myobrace, smile design and cosmetic dentistry with general dentistry to give you a comprehensive assessment.

We will always take the time to understand your budget, needs and wants to then create a personalised treatment plan to you. We believe in taking the time to get the treatment plan right, in our experience this is the most important part of our consultation with you.​​

Our fee guarantee

We guarantee our fees will never exceed the Australian Dental Association's (ADA) average Australian fees of the previous year. We are a family owned practice who have been a part of the Tamworth community for 16 years, and so we strive to serve this community and provide the best value we can. We will never aim to be the cheapest in town, we believe it is better to do the job right the first time around.

Understanding when teeth aren't the be all and end all

Did you know that breathing and sleep disorders can have a huge impact on not only your oral health, but your whole body. We have been to many training programs to be able to screen for the signs (grinding, fatigue, snoring, jaw pain, neck pain, reflux..) and work with an ENT and other disciplines so that we can work together to get the right diagnosis. We want to make sure we know the cause before you invest your money into fixing your teeth up.​​

We are Tamworth's only Myofunctional Centre

We recognise when there is a developing malocclusion (teeth misaligned) or soft tissue dysfunction while you child is still growing, and guide their growth to prevent or significantly reduce future problems. We aim to treat the cause of the problem and so treat the body, not the teeth. We use myofunctional therapy which involves tongue, breathing and facial muscle excercises to reprogram the muscles and allow optimal facial and dental development. If the jaws and muscles develop correctly, often the teeth come through in the right place and braces can be avoided all-together. We have found, by treating the cause, we achieve much more stable results -- so you don't have to have a lifetime relationship with your retainer!​