What Happens During My First Visit to the Dentist?

What Happens During My First Visit to the Dentist?

Generally, when my patients come to visit me for the first time they come either because (1) they have pain in their tooth or jaw, or (2) because they would like me to perform a check-up and clean. I will explain each one a little further.

If Your Concern is Pain in Your Tooth or Jaw

Please tell me about this pain that you’ve been experiencing. I may ask you a few questions, take any necessary x-rays and perform a few tests to help me diagnose the issue. Once I have worked out exactly what the issue is we can generally start treating during that appointment so that I can provide you some relief from the pain. If further appointments are necessary I will give you my recommendation.

If You Would Like Me to Perform a Check-up and Clean

Firstly, I’d like to know what you’re concerned about. Whether you’d like me to make sure your teeth are healthy, or you want to improve the look or chewing ability of your teeth. I will then take a good look at your teeth, take any necessary x-rays, photos and perform a few tests. Then we can have a chat about your teeth and how we can address your concerns. If you have questions, you are more than welcome to ask me.

Generally, one of our hygienists will be doing a scale and clean on your teeth. Just like cardiologists specially trained in treating heart conditions, our hygienists are specially trained in cleaning your teeth to keep your teeth and gums healthy.


It is difficult for me to give you an exact cost as the issue and thus the treatment will differ greatly from one person to another. However, if you are in pain you are generally looking at around $98 for a consultation and x-ray. Typically, most treatment to get you out of pain is anywhere from $100-300.

For an examination it will typically be around $150-300 depending on the x-rays and tests needed. A scale and clean will be around $135-190.

If you have health insurance coverage for dental, then they will pay a portion of the fee. Please bring along your member card as we have a HICAPs machine, which means that claims can be made immediately and you just have to pay the difference.

If you have any more questions please feel free to give our friendly staff a call on 02 6766 1766.

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