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Independently Accredited practice (QIP)

Accreditation is independent assessment and recognition that an organisation meets the the first six of the National Safety and Quality Health service Standards, which includes infection control, safety and review processes.

Isn't every practice accredited?

No. Every dental practice and every dentist practicing in Australia has to comply with national regulations and standards. However, accreditation is not mandatory. For us at Marius Family Dental, accreditation was something we wanted to do to ensure we are continuously improving and staying up to date with the strictest standards.

As the ADA puts it, "It's a big deal because unlike their public sector colleagues who must be accredited, private practices are not required to undergo the same procedure. If the dental practice you attend has accredited itself, that means they have, of their own volition and expense, voluntarily committed to continuously improve safety and quality for patients.

Next time you visit the dentist, keep an eye out for their accreditation certificate or posters about accreditation, and be sure to congratulate the staff on going through the process. It's involved a huge amount of work for them, all in the name of improving your experience! "