Ms Abbey Kemp

Ms. Abbey Kemp

I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia and graduated from the Advanced Diploma Of Oral Health (Dental Hygiene). I moved to Tamworth in 2020 for the excellent opportunity to work in the Marius Street Family Dental team. I enjoy the mentorship and working with dentists that align with my philosophy of minimal intervention dentistry, prevention and a focus on general/whole body health.

I am passionate about educating patients about dentistry and giving them the ability to maintain their teeth and gums. I was lucky enough during my studies to travel to Kathmandu Nepal on a student exchange, where I participated in Oral Hygiene Education within the community. I have found that most people have never been shown how to brush or floss properly, and although they are brushing their teeth twice a day, they consisitently miss the same spots!
I want to make sure that the time my patients spend cleaning their teeth is as effective as possible. Each time I see them, I can tell where they are missing and I can show them how to get to those spots - hopefully over time there is less and less for me to clean!

I take pride in being a gentle clinician and making your visit as comfortable as can be. I am good with patients with sensitive teeth as I have a machine to heat the water and can also use hand instruments if the ultrasonic is too intense.

In my free time I enjoy going to the gym to keep active and visiting wineries in search of good wine.