Painful dental toothache means there is something wrong that needs attention. A true toothache means the nerve inside the tooth is dying or there is an abscess under the tooth. The most common cause of this is because of decay and the bacterial toxins being released near the nerve space. 

Antibiotics and Medications to help toothache?

Cloves and pain relief can help with your symptoms but the infection will still continue to worsen as spread. Many patients ask if antibiotics will help - yes they often will... but they are really only a band-aid if you do not remove the source of infection. The therapeutic guidelines are to remove the source of infection and treat with antibiotics AS WELL only if necessary (eg the infection has spread to the lymph nodes as well, and is no longer localised to the tooth).

Remember that treating a toothache with antibiotics takes a big toll on your digestive health, and often kills a lot of your good bacteria! Please discuss with us 

Toothaches can very quickly lead to spreading infection, which is very serious and can be fatal. This is even more urgent if you have any existing medical conditions –particularly, heart issues, transplant, diabetes, low immune system.

As we mentioned on our main page, if you are suffering from a severe toothache, give us a call and we will see you today! We reserve daily dental emergency appointments for those who are really suffering - it is first in best dressed, but please don't take advantage of this and lie about your symptoms as it often means that the dentist is coming in on their day off, sacrificing some of their lunch or working overtime.

Please fill out this form below and a dentist can assess as soon as possible to make sure that we can give you the best advice. 

When can you treat a toothache yourself and when do you need to see us, your dentist?

Of course, we get asked "when can I treat dental pain myself" or "is there anything I can do at home to relieve a toothache". Yes, clove oil and salty water rinses can often help. Cold should help a true toothache caused by infection. If it is dental sensitivity causing the toothache, avoid cold and sweet things! Laying back also generally makes toothaches worse. However, remember if there is infection then it will be spreading and the toxins will be affecting your general health - especially your heart health! To be on the safe side, fill out our assessment form above and the receptionist can discuss your individual situation with a dentist and let you know our thoughts!

The tooth hurt for a few days and then stopped - do I still need to see the dentist?

This is a very common situation where the nerve inside the tooth has finished dying (generally takes a few days) and now has stopped sending pain signals. The relief from pain is generally very temporary though - 1-2 weeks is the average time to then progress to abscess after this.