Priority Dental Treatment

Priority Dental Treatment

Lost Crown

  • Call us! Please give us the history of the tooth - which tooth, has it been root canal treated, is it causing any symptoms (sensitivity, ache).
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    First, we must determine if it in fact a true crown or a large filling. A crown will generally look like a hollow tooth. You should be able to see a shaved down tooth, like in the picture to the left, still in the mouth. If in doubt, you can always send us a picture. Unfortunately, often it is the tooth that failed, rather than the crown coming off. You will see the crown full of material (which is the tooth and core of the crown). This is more complicated as we may not have enough tooth to hold the crown anymore. 
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    If we can rebond the crown: keep your crown safe so it can be re-cemented as soon as possible to avoid damage or the need for root canal treatment
  • Avoid eating on that tooth.
  • Keep the gum around the tooth as clean and healthy as possible. The healthier the gums, the more successful recementation will be.
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    Rub toothpaste around the tooth and the margins and let it sit there for several minutes, or overnight. This will help to strengthen the tooth structure and reduce sensitivity if the tooth has not had root canal.

5. What if I have broken my denture?

  • Please try to resist fixing it yourself! It makes our life a lot harder and often costs you more as we have to cut off the areas touched by conventional glue. Super-glue actually dissolves the acrylic of the denture.
  • Make sure you keep all pieces of the denture safe, bring them all in together.
  • Don't use the denture any more to avoid further breakage.
  • Bring in any old dentures you have had as well.
  • Contact us so we can organise a repair. If the fracture is very simple, we may be able to repair it in the day for you. However, bear in mind that if it is complicate, we will need to take the denture and send it away to be repaired so expect a turnover time.

6. Chipped front tooth

If it is a large piece that fits back on perfectly, you can bring this with you, it is possible to bond it on if it is healthy tooth structure.

It is important to let the receptionist know is you have any symptoms such as sensitivity to cold, hot, or ache.

If you have a mouthguard, bleaching tray or clear retainer, bring this in as well so we can see what the tooth looked like prior or use this as a mould.