Facial Swelling/ Dental Abscess

Facial Swelling


  • Your facial swelling extends above the cheekbone or below your jaw line (your throat is swelling)
  • You have a high fever, feel sick or have vomited
  • You have any difficulty breathing, your eye is swelling or your throat feels tight

Go straight to the emergency ward at the hospital to receive IV antibiotics.

We will also need to see you to remove the tooth, however controlling the spreading infection is a must. There are a lot of very important structures around, and a spreading dental infection can very rapidly become a serious medical issue, or even fatal.

Otherwise: give us a call straight away so we can arrange for you to be seen on this day. We set aside emergency appointments every day to make sure we can see you. We will assess what needs to be done and if you need antibiotics. There’s a saying in dentistry: “Never let the sun set on a swelling”.

Facial swellings often mean severe dental infection, which usually requires the tooth to be taken out. Make sure you try to eat and keep hydrated. Take two over-the-counter pain killers before your appointment so you have something in your system for when our numbing wears off.