Emergency Dental First Aid

Dental First Aid Advice

If a tooth is knocked out, chipped or cracked, remain calm, call an emergency dentist, locate the tooth or fragments as quickly as possible and the get to the dentist within 30 minutes.


  1. Don’t hold the tooth by the root
  2. Don't scrub or rub the root surface
  3. Don't let the tooth dry out ( store in milk, or ideally in the mouth. If an adult tooth is completely knocked out, its ok to put it back in the socket)
  4. Don't store the tooth in water
  5. If dirty, do not wash the tooth in water for more than a second or two 
  6. Never wrap a dislodged tooth in tissue or cloth

If you have a facial swelling, severe trauma ( e.g. knocked out tooth) or severe pain which will not respond to over the counter medications, call our emergency after hours number.

Please note a $50 call out fee may apply

The fact is, dental accidents do happen 

But the good news is, if you act fast any long term damage can be prevented 

Knowing what to do in a dental emergency will make all the difference. If you handle the tooth with care and get to  a dentist in 30 minutes, your prospects of a full recovery are very high. If you are experiencing a dental emergency right now, do not panic , simply contact us and follow this guideline 

How to treat a childs (baby teeth) dental emergency

Step 1 - Do not try to relocate a baby tooth  where it has dislodged from

Step 2 - Store the baby tooth in milk or saliva

Step 3 - Head to the dentist

How to treat child/ adult ( adult teeth) emergency

Step 1 - Pick up tooth by the crown and avoid touching the root

Step 2 -Rinse with milk or ( less ideal) with tap water but only for a second or two

Step 3  - If possible, Insert the tooth in its socket and use cloth, tissue, foil or a mouthguard to keep it in place

Step 4 - Head straight to your emergency dentist

There are a few more important points to consider whenever you have had a mouth injury - regardless of whether a tooth has been knocked out or chipped:

  • Cracks and damage may not be visible to the naked eye. Always go to the dentist for a checkup if you've had a mouth injury
  • If you chip your tooth, even slightly, ignoring the damage can lead to serious problems, including infections, tooth decay,  and even tooth loss.

Remember these steps and also follow the rule:  prevention is always better than cure.