Coronavirus and your dental appointment

Coronavirus and your dental appointment:                Restrictions lifted to level 1

As of May 8th, AHPRA and the NSW Dental Council have announced that restrictions on dental treatment have been lifted. Screening of risk factors will remain in place. Strict social distancing and extra infection control practices are still in place from level 3. Please scroll down to read about what we are maintaining, and what we are doing differently.

What are we doing differently to reduce risk?

We are an independently accredited practice and practice the highest level of infection control at all times, regardless of pandemic! Please read more about our general infection control practices here if you are interested.

 - Defer all care of anyone who should be self-isolating, or has symptoms of Covid-19

 - All clinical team has increased personal protection wear and will be wearing disposable gowns and hair nets in addition to our eye protection, masks and gloves. 

 - Each room and everything touched gets a double wipe-down.

 - All magazines, toys and non essentials have been removed to reduce surface spread

 - Staff disinfect all surfaces that could be potentially touched  (doorknobs, benches, bathrooms etc) every hour at a minimum

 - Spaced seating 1.5 metres apart for social distancing. However, we also offer the option to wait in your car and be called once we are ready.

 - Glass screens at front desk 

 - For patients who have reduced defence to Covid-19, please let us know, if you need to be seen we will reserve appointments for you with the lowest possible risk (8am appointments or weekend appointments)

 - Appointments are spaced out as much as possible

 - We are open 7 days during restriction period to help space out appointments.

What we require you to do differently

  • Screen yourself! If you're not feeling well, dont come in! Doesn't matter if its a cold, flu or covid-19, the community needs to work together to keep our healthcare professionals healthy.
  • Have your temperature taken as a screening. People with temperature over 37.4 will be sent home
  • Every person to alcohol rub your hands on entry
  • Every person to fill out a declaration form that they are asymptomatic and feel well, that you haven't been overseas or in contact with someone who has high risk factors. Also, that any patient who develops symptoms within 3 days after their appointment will contact us.
  • A 1-1.5% hydrogen peroxide mouthrinse pre-treatment (sorry if it tastes bad but its really good for your mouth as it produces a lot of oxygen!)

What can I do to help?

1. Show your support to local businesses that are suffering by liking them on facebook and leaving a nice google review.

One of the big things that google looks at when putting up a businesses website is how many google reviews they have. In these times of stress and doubts as to the future viability of small business, a few kind words go a long way. You'd probably make their day, and remind them why they put themselves through all of this. Small business is hard on a good day, this environment is just something else entirely.

2. Show appreciation to staff members that are still working, not only in our business but elsewhere. Take an extra few seconds to smile and wish them well. Especially supermarket and centrelink staff.

3. If you buy online, try and buy from local shops and keep money circulating within our economy.

4. Reach out to those in need, friends have done mail drops to neighbors - offer to get groceries for the elderly that live on your street, or do online ordering for them if they aren't tech savvy

5. Keep the Australian sense of humour, if we cant laugh then all hope is lost.